80 Best General Knowledge Quiz Questions With Answers

How to prepare the General Knowledge Quiz section for appearing in jobs and admission related tests? This question might be coming into your mind. Right?

Well, don’t worry, here on this website, we have an extensive list of general knowledge quizzes to test your Gk level. From easy to hard one, all types of General Knowledge quiz questions are available below.

General Knowledge Quizzes

Do you want to consider yourself to be book smart person? Well, you need to go through general knowledge quizzes that are readily available here.

We have a long list of general knowledge questions and answers. After going through these questions, you will be smarter than other people.

Some European countries, Capitals and their Currencies

SwitzerlandBernSwiss Franc
Czech RepublicPragueCeska/Koruna
GreenlandGodthabDanish Krone
IcelandReykjavikIcelandic Krona

Easy General Knowledge Questions

While improving your General knowledge, you must go from easy questions to the hard one. So let’s see if you can answer these easy general knowledge questions.

General Knowledge Quiz

1. The biggest bird in the world is?

2. ATM is the abbreviation of?

3. ICU stands for?

4. Sunlight is made of how many colors?


5. Which country has no railway track?

6. Diabetes is a disease of?

7. The largest planet is?

8. Study of earthquakes is called?

9. The largest cell in the human body is?

10. The highest mountain peak of the world is?

11. The other name of Icy Content is?

12. The longest river of the world is?

General Knowledge Quiz Questions

13. “Land of Rising sun” is the famous name of?

14. GPRS stands for?

15. The oldest written language is?

Done with the easy questions? Ok, now let’s try our little bit hard quizzes. Remember, you have to move from easy to hard and hardest Questions.

16.  Who is called the father of Economics?

17. Marco polo was a famous?

18. Football game is also called?

19. “Riksdag” is the Parliament of?

20. Which gas is used in decoration lightining?

21. “Man is a social animal” Was said by?

22. Nobel prize was first awarded in the year?

General Knowledge Questions

23. The National Game of Japan is?

24. “Gift of Nile” is the nickname of?

25. Alexander the Great was the king of?

26. Atmospheric Pressure at Sea Level is (in mm)?

27. The deepest Ocean in the world is?

28. The Golden State is located in?

29. The famous poem “Twinkle twinkle little star” was written by?

30. Where was Jesus Christ born?

More General knowledge Quiz Questions

As it is said, ” Keep your target to the sky. The moon is your”. Try to learn the hardest, and then the easy will be just a cup of tea for you.

Hard questions do not mean something impossible to remember, but something that needs more time as compared to the easy one. You have to practice it again and again.

You don’t need to worry about it. We are adding new General knowledge quiz questions on a daily bases. Below are the important General knowledge questions you must try.

31. A chemical that is used in making artificial rain is?

32. Etymology is the study of origin and history of?


33. The hardest substance in the human body is?

General Knowledge Quiz

34. Name of the king who fell from the horse while playing polo and died?

35. The euro currency was launched in?

36. When was the second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki?

37. Who was the first man to sail around the world?

38. Name of the longest river in Europe?

39. The maximum duration of light to reach from sun to earth is?

40. “Democracy is a government of people by the people for the people” was said by?

41. The second smallest country in the world is?


42. The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with?

43. Which city is called “City of seven hills”?

44. Glasgow city is famous for?

45. “Intifada” Means?

General Knowledge Quiz Uk

UK general knowledge quiz is specially prepared for people from the United Kingdom. Still, students from other regions can also try it because general knowledge is not something confined to a specific area or country.

46. The Capital of the United Kindom is?

47. The currency of the United Kingdom is?

48. The area of the United Kingdom in square kilometer is?

49. Which country has continously the world oldest democracy?

50. In which city is the oldest Zoo in the world still in use?

General Knowledge Quiz Questions

51. What Irish event resulted in the deaths of about one million people?

52. Who was the first female prime minister of Britain?

53. Which of these animals would you not find in the wild in the UK?

54. The longest river in the United Kingdom is?

55. The national bird of the united kingdom is?

Multiple Choice General Knowledge Questions

56. The largest city (in terms of an area) in the United Kingdom is?

(a) London

(b) Bristol

(c) Glasgow

(d) Bristol

Q57. Which is not a part of the UK?

(a) Ireland

(b) Scotland

(c) Wales

(d) London

Q58. After English the most spoken language in the UK is?

(a) French

(b) Polish

(c) German

(d) Spanish

Q59. Which of these cities is the capital of Wales?

(a) Bristol

(b) Liverpool

(c) Leeds

(d) Cardiff

Q60. The national flower of England is?

(a) Leek

(b) Flax flower

(c) Thistle

(d) Tudor rose

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