15 Easy Ways To Improve Your General Knowledge

General knowledge puts you in wise light. Parents and teachers should guide the children from an early age and emphasize different ways of acquiring and improving general knowledge. It will change the personality of the children and light up a competitive spirit in him.

How To Improve General Knowledge?

Interestingly, you can improve general knowledge by following some of the most inexpensive and simple ways.

There is no hard and fast rule on the source of knowledge, and there are many ways to improve general knowledge. These ways explained below:


The best and most effective way to improve your general knowledge is by reading. You can read books, magazines, newspapers, journals, or anything in black and white to expand your knowledge. These sources will extend your knowledge in one way or the other. You can make it a habit of reading if you want to enhance your knowledge. If you read with interest, a lot of information can be retained for longer intervals.

Note: It is impossible to increase general knowledge by reading at the last moment just before the test or quiz.


Writing is another effective way of learning and retaining facts. When you are writing, you unconsciously keeping the facts in mind.


Socialization is another way to improve general knowledge. The bigger your social circle is with informative conversations you have, the more chances to gain more information. In recent days, the informal and casual way is one of the best ways to improve your general knowledge. The informal conversations and discussions tend to stay in our minds better than information gathered.

If you don’t know little about everything or you don’t put yourself in a healthy discussion, then you seem to be a stupid person without knowledge and proper facts.

Similarly, without proper general knowledge, your socialization factor becomes a little constrained. If you don’t have the appropriate knowledge about something, you can debate or advise people.

We need to experience the world using different sources of knowledge, including books, magazines, websites, apps, discussions, or other sources before we tie ourselves to one anchor.

ALERT: a smartphone with the internet can be an excellent way to improve general knowledge, but improper use of smartphones may lead you to the wastage of time and can impact your brain and its ability to learn.


Printed or electronic media can be a reliable medium of knowledge gathering.  These mediums have informational, entertaining, political, and many other forms of content. It’s an effective way of retaining information lifelong.


Watching Television

Tune into a good news channel for a daily bulletin. The news bulletins are the single best source of increasing general knowledge. They keep you informed about what is happening in the country and all over the world. You can watch weekly news roundups and reviews. They provide insights into what is happening.

Other than NEWS channels, you can watch Discovery, National Geographic, and History for interesting and informative stuff. These channels are a gold mine of knowledge. Some entertaining channels host quiz programs; you can watch them too to increase your G.K. You know what, these channels will not let you bore as well.

Listen to the Radio

Although smartphones are wiping out several great things, radio still has its fan base. A lot of radio stations host G.K. quiz contests and programs for their listeners. Almost all of them offer the participation of listeners and give prizes as well. Tune in to those radio channels to increase general knowledge. You can listen to the radio anytime, anywhere. It is an excellent pastime activity.

Read Magazines and Newspapers

Another way of increasing knowledge is reading magazines and newspapers etc. Unfortunately, the youngest tends to follow social media and avoid reading newspapers. If you are in the office, you might be getting a chance to read daily newspapers. Spend a few minutes every day reading important news and current affairs.

Try to read a couple of good informative magazines weekly. You can buy past issues at a very cheaper rate from dealers, which will provide enough knowledge on various matters.

General Knowledge Apps

If you have a good smartphone, you can download an excellent app that will help you increase your general knowledge. These G.K. are challenging to find, but the authentic apps will have a general knowledge test feature common in all.


Websites and Blogs

You can get access to limitless knowledge free of cost using the internet. For example, you are here, and you are getting a lot of knowledge and information if you keep on reading until the end.

You can access to the limitless useful website as well, but there is one drawback. All sites do not provide accurate information, so; it is essential to visit a trustworthy website only.

You can consult these websites as well for information:

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has mostly accurate information on almost all the topics in the world. It provides links and references for every critical piece of information on any subject. If someone found the information is not correct, that person can edit the topic or post as well.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is a video streaming platform with countless channels providing useful general knowledge. You can visit and subscribe to those channels.

  1. Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia is a free online source to get information on millions of subjects. General knowledge topics on this website are easy to read and access. They come with illustrations for a good learning experience.

  1. Academia Kids

If you want to increase the general knowledge of your children, visit Academia Kids. This is an excellent website for young children. Kids will love it instantly.

  1. History

This website is a part of the History Channel. You can access History.com to access lots of information to increase general knowledge. This website is a very reliable source of getting general knowledge.

6. GeneralKnowledgeQuizzes.com

This website has a great collection of general knowledge. You can also find some important General knowledge quiz for kids.

These were just a few examples; there are hundreds of authentic websites on general knowledge as well.

Attend Quiz Contests

A great way to improve your knowledge is to attend general knowledge quiz contests. Quiz contests are very entertaining, and you will learn and enjoy them a lot. Academic Institutes conduct quiz competitions and contests, and they generally announced. Most of the time, these are free, but sometimes institutes charge a small fee from the audience to raise funds for a charity.

Participate in Quiz Contests

You can take part in quiz contests as well; it will be the surest way to increase general knowledge. It will allow you to brainstorm and put the information you have collected. You can take part in a general knowledge quiz contest online.  The questions can be on a wide range of subjects.

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