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“Trivia” means information or facts that are not significant to most people in one way or another. It is a source of entertainment and fun. You can play trivia questions all alone or with others as a challenge.

The first book, titled “Trivia” was published in 1996 by Dell. The book was gone viral and was considered one of the famous and best seller book at that time.

Trivia Questions

If you are feeling boring, finding nothing for entertainment, then attending these general trivia questions will be great fun for you. Trivia is becoming popular day by day. In this article, we have a long list of different trivia quiz with answers that you can play freely.

1. Movies Trivia Questions

Movies Trivia Questions

Are you searching for trivia questions about movies? Here we cover you! Below are 20 movie trivia quizzes ranging from easy to hard.

Q1. In the movie “Matrix” Neo takes the red pill or blue pill?

Q2. The head of what kind of animal is front-and-center in an infamous scene from The Godfather?

Q3. Which war movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2009?

Q4. The only actor to receive an Oscar nomination for acting in a “Lord of the Rings movie”?

Q5. The longest movie ever made is?

Q6. The phrase “May the Force be with you” was popularized from which movie?

Q7. In the Game Of Throne, who was responsible for the creation of the Night King?

Q8. In the show “Game of throne” What is the name of Arya’s sword?

Q9. What was Superman’s home planet?

Q10. What is the name of the leader ape in ‘Planet of the Apes?

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2. History Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions about history

Are you a history student? Do you have a full grasp of history? Ok, challenge yourself by answering these trivia Questions on History. The questions are not only for perfect historians, but anyone can enjoy and learn about history. Let’s take a start and have fun.

3. Science Trivia Questions

Science Trivia Questions

It is more fun when you keep learning while having fun, and this is our main aim behind science trivia questions. We live in the age of science. Science has become an integral subject of our study life. Some love the subject, though some hate it very much. But all of us need to have at least some basic knowledge of science.

In this article, you will find some important science trivia questions and answers.

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4. Sports Trivia Questions

Are you a sportsman or a sports lover? Want to challenge your sports knowledge? Try our brainbuster tricky Sports trivia questions and see how many you can answer correctly. Sports trivia is much popular on the internet these days.

Here you find some interesting trivia questions and answers about sports.

5. Geography Trivia Questions

Geography Trivia Questions

Geography means “study of the earth.” Knowing world geography is always exciting. We don’t even know about some interesting facts about the world we are living in. Therefore we have shared a vast collection of geography trivia questions.

6. Food Trivia Questions

Food Trivia Questions

In search of some interesting and funny trivia questions about food? Here is an extensive list of food trivia quiz; you will love it.

7. Animal Trivia Questions

Animals Trivia Questions

Are you an animal lover and want to know some interesting facts about them? This section of the article is especially for you.

8. Music Trivia Questions

Music Trivia Questions

Music is the nutrient of the soul. All of us love music, but the choice may vary from one another. Test your knowledge about music with these trivia quizzes.

9. Multiple Choice Trivia Questions

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions

These days, the most popular trivia formate is the multiple-choice quiz. Most of the trivia lovers like to answer the questions with multiple choice. You can find plenty of trivia questions online, but here we have collected some of the most popular trivia questions with multiple choice.

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